Julian  Mount
Songwriter, Singer & Musician

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Julian Mount sings on stage.

Original songs. Mostly. A fine voice. A unique acoustic guitar style.

Julian Mount is passionate about folk, roots and acoustic music. He plays acoustic guitar, writes his own songs
and plays songs by others too. Julian's songs are thought provoking, full of wit and highlight his quirky
perspective on people, places and situations. He has a distinct style of songwriting and singing
with memorable songs delivered with great skill and humour.

Julian Mount is available for bookings at Folk Clubs, Festivals,
House Parties, Cabaret and similar events and venues.

Julian Mount.  Singer, musician & songwriter.    Julian Mount sings.    Julian Mount sings.


"Julian Mount...he knows a thing or two...he knows how to write a good song!"
....Hannah Sanders.

"A local legend.  Fabulously talented"
....Aylesbury Folk, Acoustic & Blues Club.

"I never realised what a great guitar player he is...
because I'm always so impressed with the quality of his song writing"
....Redbourn Folk Club.

"Julian is one of those performers that you never get tired of listening to
 as he always brings something different to each performance"
....Scott Awcock.

"Julian always inhabits his songs when he performs them"
....Ed Coan.

"Julian is a witty and clever songwriter who has you hanging on his every well crafted word"
....NAF Club, Silsoe.

"Julian Mount is a real star - great songs that made us laugh and cry
and what a great guitar player too. Thank you Julian!"
....Watford Folk Club.

"Julian Mount - Self penned songs from the serious to the ludicrous sides of life
accompanied on guitar. (Also an extremely good Juggler!)"

....Redbourn Folk Club.

"Julian crafts a bewilderingly diverse range of witty and funny songs and then
throws one in that stops you in your tracks and provokes thought for good measure"

....Chesham Folk Club.

"Great song Julian" ("Broken Things")
....John Breeze.

"Julian is an excellent folk singer-songwriter and great live!"
....Grae J Wall, St Albans Arts.

"I am so grateful for people like you who keep my spirits up with your music"
....Paul Kendall.

"Some people hit out and other people reach out. You have reached out with your
great songs about ordinary things and spread laughter with your dry humour.
Thank you"

....Martin Baldwin.

"A lovely man and a super song-writer and performer"
....Annette Burrows.

"Julian Mount - a born entertainer"
....Louise Welland.

"A master class in song writing!"
....Sue Graves.

Julian has been performing as a singer/songwriter for many years.
He has had several vinyl, tape and CD releases of his music.
(But his wax cylinder recordings are always pirated copies!)


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Read the story of Julian Mount's
1973 LP record album "Unsung Lies"


All about that Clown Song:
"Big Red Noses"


Julian  Mount
Songwriter, Singer & Musician

#JulianMount    #JulianMountMusic

Julian Mount - Wood and Steel

Julian Mount is available for bookings at Folk Clubs, Festivals,
House Parties, Cabaret and similar events and venues.

(Based in Hertfordshire, UK)

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#JulianMount  #JulianMountMusic