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Julian the Juggler

Julian the Juggler is now retired from
Circus activities...but Julian's music continues:

YouTube   Soundcloud

Julian Mount Music

CIRCUS UNLIMITED! operated between 1990 and 2020. It still exists as a web location for the musical activities of Julian Mount (aka: “Julian the Juggler” - the manager of CU) who is a St Albans, UK based songwriter, singer and musician.

At its height, CU comprised 20 performers who delivered quality and professional Circus-based entertainment for venues and events large and small.

CIRCUS UNLIMITED! included Clowns, Jugglers, Unicyclists, Fire-Eaters, Magicians and Face Painters.

Customers could book any number of performers who would supply fun at
children’s birthday parties, fetes, fairs, fun days, cabaret and stage shows.
CU also offered Circus Skills Workshops for children and adults.

All CU artists were members of the UK performers association “Equity”, the Clowns association “Clowns International” and were fully DBS/CRB checked and covered by public liability insurance.

From 1990 to 2020, during its years of operation as a Circus company, CIRCUS UNLIMITED! performed over 3,000 successful shows with many repeat bookings. Julian the Juggler “went solo” from 2013 to 2020.

Information about Julian Mount, songwriter, singer and musician is here.


Julian the Juggler as a Clown  Julian the Juggler as a Birthday Party Entertainer  Julian the Juggler as a Circus Workshop Leader

Circus Clown, Birthday/Party Entertainer & Circus Skills Workshop Leader
for Schools, a Birthday Party, Carnival, Exhibition, Fair, Fete, Fun Day, Promotion or Company Event

30 years of Circus Fun, 1990 - 2020

See Julian the Juggler clowning in the video below!
Turn up the sound to hear his Clown Song:  "
Big Red Noses"

Watch this video on YouTube here!

Circus Birthday/Party Entertainer
Circus Skills Workshops
(see another video!)
"The Circus Olympics"

The finest entertainment for children and adults of all ages

Julian the Juggler is available with AND without Clown costume and make-up!

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What are they all saying
about Julian the Juggler?

Julian the Juggler never uses live animals in any of his acts, arena shows or at a Birthday Party.

Julian the Juggler has full public liability
insurance and has been CRB checked.

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Julian the Juggler as a Juggler

Julian the Juggler runs Circus Skills Workshops

When you're having a party,
Don't make it a struggler.
Parties are funnier with Julian the Juggler!



Julian the Juggler

Clown, Birthday/Party Entertainer
and Circus Skills Workshops


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(Based in Hertfordshire, UK)

See Julian the Juggler Live On TV!

Read an interview with
Julian the Juggler

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